You can choose joy over food today!

Choosing Health and Happiness

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You create your life according to your choices. Abundant health and joy are available to you if you choose them.  Each choice is important.  If you are unconsciously or unmindfully making choices in your life you are not really choosing at all.  You are doing what someone has told you is best for you.  You are living a life that someone else has chosen.  Learning to be mindful and aware in every moment allows you to be in choice, not in reaction. Could there be any more important endeavor in your life?

We all experience pain in our lives. We all want to avoid it.  The people I have counseled who feel they are overweight suffer excruciating emotional pain much of the time.  They are constantly denigrating themselves, feeling unlovable, undisciplined, out of control.  They are sure their pain would go away if they could lose weight, not realizing that is not the source of their pain, but their lack of caring for themselves is what causes them pain.  The good news is that they could change that pattern in a heartbeat.  To be consistently mindful and making loving choices takes training and thought, but it is a pattern that comes more and more naturally as it is practiced.

Each one of us has control of the choices we make in our lives.  Each one of us knows on some level what we need to thrive.  You do need some guidance, however, an accurate map on the best way to get there.  The most experienced and hardest working captain in the world cannot steer his ship home if he is traveling in the wrong direction.

“Bliss Lifestyle” will help you identify the direction you need to take.  It will aid you in recognizing the source of your pain and give you skills to soften the harshness of your self-criticism.  After using the exercises and designing your lifestyle changes, you will be able to set a clear course for not only a healthy weight but a life of well-being and joy.  The most successful diet cannot promise that. Why settle for a carrot when you can have a banquet to enjoy?

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